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Recommendsday: May Kindle Offers

Slightly later than usual because I like to keep you all guessing, but here’s this month’s Kindle offers, as lovingly researched and selected by moi.

Cover of No Life for a Lady

Lets start with stuff I’ve talked about recently and Hannah Dolby’s No Life for a Lady is 99p at the moment – or free if you’re in Kindle Unlimited, which is a total bargain. If the Coronation wasn’t enough Royal content for you this month, A Three Dog Problem from the HM The Queen Investigates series is 99p, Stacy HallsMrs England is on offer again. Much less recently, but still recommended is Jasper Fforde’s A Constant Rabbit – also 99p as is V for Victory by Lissa Evans

There’s also an all time children’s classic on offer because the film comes out shortly – Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. I’ve been listening to Dan Jones on audiobook recently, and the next one I have cued up to listen to Power and Thrones: A New History of the Middle Ages is 99p at the moment. He’s a very good narrator if you get the audio book, but if you find it easier to do monster history books in written form, this is a bargain. Rachel Lynn Solomon has a new book out soon, but one of her older ones, The Ex Talk is 99p – I prefer Weather Girl but if you’re not a journalist, you may be able to ignore the massive ethics violation in this – I know lots of other people have loved it.

If you’re collecting series, the Pratchett offers this month are The Truth (one of my favourites), Eric and The Science of Discworld III; the Julia Quinn is What Happens in London which is not a Bridgerton book but was my first ever of hers; the Wimseys are Five Red Herrings (which I listened to just last week) and the first one, Whose Body at 99p and Unnatural Death at £1.69 although that does look like a weird edition. Talisman Ring is the only Georgette Heyer on offer at 99p, but there are a few at £1.99 including Devil’s Cub.

And finally, here’s the books I bought whilst writing this post section: The Secret Barrister’s Nothing But the Truth which is 99p to mark it’s paperback release; TJ Klune’s Under the Whispering Door which I’ve been wiating to come down in price for ages and I think must be because of the release of In the Lives of Puppets; Africa Is Not A Country by Diplo Faloyin; Circling Back to You by Julie Tieu and The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Recommendsday: April Kindle offers

It’s that time again – summon up your willpower (or not) because I’m about to round up the best kindle deals I could find on books or authors I like!

Lets start with the fact that very recent BotW and one of my favourites of the year, Funny You Should Ask is 99p. I wrote about the London Highwaymen pair of novels in the autumn and The Queer Principles of Kit Webb and The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes are both £1.99 again. Christina Lauren’s The Unhoneymooners is 99p – it’s a fake relationship enemies to lovers sort of story that I really enjoyed back in 2019 and obviously I’ve recommended several more of Christina Lauren’s books since then. Side note, they also seem to be getting reissues of their novels with new covers, so watch out for that if you’re the sort of person that remembers if you’ve read something based on the cover.

I mentioned Before the Coffee Gets Cold and its sequel in a Quick Reviews post back in 2021 – there are now four in the series about a cafe in Japan where you can travel back in time for the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, but the first is 99p at the moment. Dear Mrs Bird is 99p at the moment – its sequel Yours Cheerfully was another 2021 BotW and the third in the series is out next month and I have a copy so will try and report back. Brit Bennet’s The Vanishing Half is 99p at the moment – it was one of my favourite books of 2020, and my mum has recently borrowed it off me and really enjoyed it as well. And In the Name of the Rose is 99p – I mentioned it in passing in my post about Mysteries with Vicars, but it’s a medieval murder mystery set among a community of monks with a famous document collection.

Just one non-fiction to mention – Paperback Crush is £1.62 – this history of teen fictions in the 80s and 90s was a BotW back in 2018, if you read through any of the era it’s worth a look. In books I have but haven’t read yet, Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers is 99p at the moment

And then in the series that people might be collecting of the Wimsey‘s Whose Body and The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club are 99p, while Unnatural Death is (the very weird price of) £1.28. The World of Blandings – which is the first two novels and some short stories – is 99p. Only one 99p Georgette Heyer this month and it’s April Lady which I really like, but there are a lot that are £1.99 – including some of my favourites like Devil’s Cub and Lady of Quality. Moving Pictures is this month’s cheap Discworld book and I’ve bought it while writing this because it’s been years since I read it and I want to see if my thoughts on it have changed (it wasn’t one of my favourites originally).

Happy reading everyone!

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Recommendsday: March Kindle Offers

Yes, I have once again gallantly trawled this month’s offers to find stuff that I’ve talked about – or am interested in that is a bargain this month. You’re welcome.

Let’s start with news that will possibly surprise no one, the tie-in edition of Daisy Jones and the Six is 99p this month. You all know I loved the book – and the other three in the related universe so if you haven’t read it yet, then do it now! Another recently adapted book (albeit one I haven’t read yet) also has a tie in edition on offer – Fleishman is in Trouble.

In buzzy books, Ali Hazelwood’s Love on the Brain is 99p. Also in the “TikTok made me buy it” group is Sarah Adams’s When in Rome, which I am tempted by but am holding off on buying because I have on of her other books on the to-read pile so I should really read that first! Mhairi McFarlane’s Mad About You is on offer too – I loved it when I read it last year, but it comes with a warning for emotional abuse/gaslighting in the heroine’s immediate past. Second First Impressions is 99p as well if you want a romance with a bit of a different setting – I do love meddling old people.

Cover of An Impossible Imposter

The new Veronica Speedwell is out next week – so the previous one An Impossible Imposter is £1.99 – you do need to read them in order for best effect though. This month’s discount Terry Pratchett is Pyramids for £1.99, which isn’t one of my favourites but I know that other people do love it. The cheap Peter Wimseys are the first two – Whose Body and Clouds of Witness – the latter of which sets up Charles Parker’s interest in Lady Mary. We still don’t have a date for the next series of Bridgerton, but this month’s cheap Julia Quinns are Just Like Heaven (from the Smyth Smith series) and The Lost Duke of Wyndham. Frederica is the 99p Georgette Heyer. The latest Agatha Raisin, Devil’s Delight, is 99p – it’s three years since M C Beaton died, but there are still new books coming out, with a co-author on the cover. I haven’t read any of the “with R W Green” books yet, but I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point – the very first book in the series, Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, is also 99p as is the first Hamish MacBeth Death of a Gossip.

Back in the mists of time I wrote about The Rosie Project – if you’re looking for something a bit different from the last decade, that would do you quite well for 99p. There was meant to be an adaptation happening, but it hasn’t materialised yet… Not quite as long ago, I recommended Dial A for Aunties, which is 99p at the moment as well presumably because Jesse Sutano’s new novel is out imminently. If you’ve read Crazy Rich Asians, the final book in that trilogy, Rich People Problems, is on offer.

If you want some non fiction, Andrew Lownie’s Traitor King is £1.99 – I read this on holiday nearly 18 months ago and have since recommended it to lots of people. On my pile waiting to be read is Katja Hoyer’s Blood and Iron about the German Empire – which is 99p. Lucy Worsley’s Queen Victoria is also on my list to read – but I should probably get to her Agatha Christie biography first… Also in history books, The Radium Girls – which is one of a series of books I read a few years ago about women doing dangerous jobs (and sometimes not knowing they were dangerous) in the first half of the 20th century. Hannah Fry’s Hello World about the age of the machines and machine learning which I read a couple of years ago but seems even more relevant than ever with the appearance of ChatGPT and the other AIs. Also on offer is Helen O’Hara’s Women vs Hollywood which I read a couple of years ago and is a total bargain at 99p at time of writing

And finally – in stuff I bought while writing this post, we have Chanel Cleeton’s latest novel Our Last Days in Barcelona which is £1.99, Fiona Davis’s latest The Magnolia Palace – also £1.99 when I wrote this and David de Jong’s Nazi Billionaires which was £2.99. Positively restrained.

Happy Reading!

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Recommendsday: February Kindle offers

Here we are with this month’s Kindle offers for your delectation – and there are a lot of them so lets get right to it.

Killers of a Certain Age

Deanna Raybourn’s Killers of a Certain Age is 99p this month, I’m not quite sure why as the paperback isn’t out until March, but take advantage while you can. I really enjoyed this tale of retired assassins on the run – and one of my besties is reading it at the moment and really enjoying it too (unless something has changed!). Jill Hornby’s Godmersham Park is 99p at the moment, Miss Austen was a book of the Week and I really enjoyed Godmersham Park, which is a sort of sequel – it’s definitely a continuation set in the same world. I mentioned Daphne Du Maurier in my post about books set in Devon and Cornwall – if you fancy a bit of Cornish Smuggling action, Frenchman’s Creek is 99p this month – it’s not my favourite, but I do love my beautiful Virago Designer Hardback copy!

Another recent BotW pick The Last Hero is 99p, but one of my all time favourite Terry Pratchetts, Going Postal, is £1.99. There are a lot of Georgette Heyers at £1.99 this month, including some of my favourites like Sylvester, These Old Shades, Devil’s Cub, Venetia and Frederica. It’s actually easier just to send you to the list than the original pages! On the Wimsey front, some of the series are now dropping out of copyright so there are a lot of quite cheap kindle books popping up, but I can’t vouch for their formatting and accuracy. Of the editions that match the Hodder and Stoughton paperbacks, The Nine Tailors is the 99p book this month – if you haven’t read it, it’s set in the Fenland, there are floods and church bells and bodies in the wrong grave and its really quite something.

If you were tempted by the Her Majesty the Queen Investigates books after my series review last year, the second book in the series is 99p at the moment – A Three Dog Problem is set around Buckingham Palace after a murder at the palace swimming pool (a real thing!). Very recent release Shipwrecked by Olivia Dade is 99p, as is In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer (which I talked about in my late summer reading post) and Miss Aldrige Regrets is on offer again.

We don’t have a date for series three of Bridgerton yet (please can it be soon Netflix, thank you), but the good news is that this month Romancing Mr Bridgerton aka the book the next series is based on is 99p – read it before the series. Interestingly Colin and Eloise’s story is actually the fourth in the series, not the third, but I do fully support the decision to skip book three (Benedict’s story) for now because it’s a Cinderella retelling and it’s a) not my favourite and b) doesn’t fit in with what they’ve been doing with the series. I am fascinated to see what they decide to do about it – and also about Eloise’s book which is number five, but now doesn’t fit in at all with the chronology they’ve created if she’s going to end up with the same person as she does in the books. And that’s all I can say without it being a spoiler!

Whistling through some other stuff – A Village in the Third Reich is £1.99 – you may remember I bought myself this and Travellers in the Third Reich when I was writing the Buy Me a Book for Christmas post last year! There are a couple of Mhairi McFarlane novels that are 99p – including You Had Me At Hello and Last Night. In other authors that I like, Christina Lauren’s Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is 99p, and there are quite a few Trisha Ashley‘s for 99p including my all time favourite A Winter’s Tale, which is a Christmas novel but which I can read any time of year!

In stuff I purchased while writing this post, there is Nora Goes off Script, about a scriptwriter for a romance channel who turns her divorce into a screenplay and the “sexiest man alive” is cast as her ex-husband. In stuff I should have read but haven’t got around to (yet), Stephanie Gerber’s Caraval trilogy is 99p for the complete thing which is a total bargain. Likewise, in stuff I haven’t read yet, Jodi Taylor’s newest Time Police (that’s the spin off series from Chronicles of St Mary’s) novel About Time is 99p too. Also 99p is David Mitchell’s Utopia Avenue which I really keep meaning to get around to!

It’s a short month, so catch them while you can! Happy Reading!

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Recommendsday: January Kindle Offers

A new year and a new batch of Kindle offers for your delectation today. And it’s quite a good one so if you weren’t as lucky as me and Santa didn’t bring you what you told people you wanted, you might be able to pick some fresh reading material up in the offers.

One of my all time favourites is back on sale for 99p – Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus. I’d love to get something new from her in 2023, but as it’s only three years since The Starless Sea came out and it was nearly triple that between The Night Circus and that, I’m trying not to get my hopes up! And Bridget Jones’s Diary is also 99p – it’s been years since I read it (rather than watched the film!) but it was such a huge part of my reading back in the day – even if I haven’t read either of the two most recent sequels! Another book that I read ages ago and loved is on offer too – Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility. I didn’t love his follow up A Gentleman in Moscow, but I have the latest one, The Lincoln Highway, on the Kindle TBR and I must try and get to it soon.

This month’s 99p Georgette Heyer is The Quiet Gentleman – which is from the more mysterious end of her romance books and features Actual Peril at times. On the contemporary romance front, if you read and enjoyed the O’Neil Brothers books after I wrote about them before Christmas, Holiday in the Hamptons from Sarah Morgan’s From Manhattan with Love series is 99p. I bought myself the new Mary Balogh while writing this – Remember Love is the first in a new series for her and I’ve had a good history with her historical romances – right back to my Essex days. There’s also one of the recent Lisa Kleypas’s – Devil’s Daughter – which is the next generation sequel to her fan-favourite Devil in Winter.

If you’ve been reading Philippa Gregory’s Tudor novels after I wrote about them last summer, The Taming of the Queen (about Katherine Parr) is the one on offer at the moment. It’s not a great month on the crime/mystery offer front though. Or at least not if you read the sort of mysteries that I do – all the books on offer are the sort with dark and brooding covers with ominous shadows on them or bare branches, which is an indicator that they’re too psychological or gruesome for my tastes! A Spoonful of Murder is on offer though, which is one of the crop of if you like Richard Osman… that are now appearing and which I’ve got on the physical to-read pile but haven’t got around to yet!

Happy Wednesday!

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Recommendsday: November Kindle deals

It’s that time again: Kindle deal recommendsday! And once again I’ve spent money while putting this post together. Quelle surprise I hear you say. Anyway: to the books.

As we get closer to Christmas, we have a selection of Christmas books hitting the offers – and all of these are 99p. Let’s start with Jenny Colgan’s The Christmas Bookshop, which I haven’t read, but her Christmas books are usually fairly reliable. Also in the haven’t read but like their other stuff is Merrily Ever After by Cathy Bramley. I have however read Susan Mallery’s The Christmas Wedding Guestit was her Christmas book last year. Much older a Trisha Ashley’s Wish Upon a Star which I read way before I started this blog! And if you want a historical romance, the Christmas Desperate Duchesses novel is on offer too: An Affair before Christmas by Eloisa James. And then in not Christmas, but sort of Christmas-y covers we have Walking Back to Happiness by Lucy Dillon – another book that I read looooong before the blog started.

Next up we have previous BotWs (or release day reviewed) books that are on offer: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood, Book Lovers by Emily Henry, The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan, The Family You Make by Jill Shalvis and the much older The Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley. There’s also Murder in the Basement by Antony Berkeley (which is in Kindle Unlimited at the moment as well). It’s more expensive (£1.99) but The Feast is also on offer – I really, really enjoyed Margaret Kennedy’s mystery which you can’t say a lot about without giving it too much away!

I’ve recommended a bunch of Christina Lauren books – most recently Something Wilder – but The Soulmate Equation is on offer at the moment – I actually have a paperback copy on the stack by my end of the sofa. This month’s 99p Georgette Heyer is Friday’s Child, which I think is one of my mum’s favourites and the Peter Wimsey is Whose Body. The …In Death is Abandoned In Death (number 54) All of the Lady Hardcastles are on offer for 99p this month (although the whole series is in KU if you’re a member) the first one is A Quiet Life in the Country .

And finally, I haven’t written about it (yet) but I did enjoy The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood when I read it earlier this year – there’s a second book in the series out early next year.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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Recommendsday: October Kindle Offers

It’s officially autumn according to Amazon – and they’ve got a bunch of Kindle offers to celebrate. So here we go again with another batch of Kindle offers to test your will power and tempt you into a bit of impulse purchasing!

Lets start with some recent releases: I read Set on You by Amy Lea back in May when it came out – as I said in the quick review post at the time: I had a couple of quibbles with the start where the heroine and hero are both being annoying to each other, but mostly it’s fun, flirty romance and definitely worth 99p! Even newer is last week’s Book of the Week, Ashley Poston’s The Dead Romantics, which (as I mentioned in that post) and even newer still is yesterday’s Book of the Week, Deanna Raybourn’s Killers of a Certain Age which are both 99p. Previous BotW Nina de Grammont’s The Christie Affair is still 99p – the paperback is out now so I think that’s why.

Cover of The Christie Affair

Other previously mentioned books that are 99p are Mrs England by Stacey Halls about a nanny who takes a job at a creepy house in Yorkshire – I wrote about this in Mini Reviews last June. Going further back, Libby Page’s The Lido was a summer holiday read four (!) years ago and is also a bargainous 99p. Even longer agin, Nick Spalding’s Bricking It was a BotW in 2015 and is £1 (or free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member). One of Trisha Ashley’s Christmas books is on offer for 99p too – A Christmas Cracker was a BotW in 2015 as well. Going back even further, Lucy Dillon’s A Hundred Pieces of Me is 99p – I read it when it first came out in 2014 in the early days of the blog and before the BotW posts started and enjoyed it so much it made my favourite books of the year post.

In books that I probably should have written about before now, Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn is 99p – I have a lovely Virago hardback of this and it’s creepy and atmospheric and really good (and they still have that hardback on Amazon as well if you want a really pretty book). Three of the four Harper Connelly series are on offer this month – but annoyingly not the first one. I’ve written about other series and books by Charlaine Harris, but not this one (yet) – if you’ve read other Harris series, you’ll spot some crossovers. There’s a new edition of Christina Jones’s Going the Distance – which is one of her Milton St John series – I wrote an Authors I Love post about Jones back in 2016 and if you haven’t checked out her books you should – they’re exactly the sort of romantic comedies I wish there were more of (or at least were easier to identify) these days.

In books I haven’t read, but by authors I have read, there is Reputation by Lex Croucher – I’ve read Infamous (the sequel) and that has a queer Bridgerton vibe going on – the write ups for this one say it’s “Bridgerton meets Fleabag or Bad Education”. Then there is Casey McQuiston (of Red, White and Royal Blue)’s book One Last Stop which is a rom com about a subway crush – except that the girl that August has a crush on is displaced from the 1970s. The first in T J Klune’s YA series The Extraordinaries is 99p this month – which is a proper bargain considering what the rest of his books are. In non-fiction – because I can’t do a post without some non-fiction – Dan Jones’s Power and Thrones is 99p. It’s a history of the Middle Ages – I read his book about the Templars and it was really, really good. I have his book about King John on the pile – and he has a historical fiction book (his first novel) out now too.

This month’s 99p Terry Pratchetts are Only You Can Save the World – which is the first in the Johnny Maxwell series for kids and The Long War from the Long Earth series with Thief of Time from Discworld at £1.99. Also for the series collectors, this month’s J D Robb is Conspiracy in Death, number eight (of 56!) in the series. And Busman’s Honeymoon, the last Peter Wimsey novel (and the fourth of the Harriet and Peter ones) is 99p too. Which is excellent. Also in classic crime, Daughter of Time – aka the Josephine Tey about Richard III is 99p.

In books I own, but haven’t read yet, Charlie Homberg’s Paper Magician series is all on offer – and in KU too. As regular readers will know, I’m in the process of reading Great Circle – but the ebook is £1.99 today if you want to try and finish it before me! And finally, in books I impulse bought while writing this post, we have Heidi Stephens’ Never Gonna Happen which is 99p. Heidi writes The Guardian’s live blogs for Strictly Come Dancing and Eurovision and I’m excited to read a rom com by her – this is her second book and there is a third coming out at the end of November.

And that’s probably about enough. There are a few books on offer that I have on the kindle but haven’t read yet, but as we’ve now at about two dozen books, I should probably stop.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Recommendsday: September Kindle Offers

Another month, another batch of Kindle offers for you all to enjoy.

Let’s start with one I’ve recommended already this year: A Fatal Crossing by Tom Hindle is 99p – I suspect to coincide with that paperback release which I mentioned the other day in Books in the Wild. In things I read, but longer ago, there is The Ex Hex by Rachel Hawkins, Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld and former Book of the Week V for Victory by Lissa Evans – although as that’s the third of three connected novels, you’ll get the most out of it if you read the others first. Recommended even longer ago is Rosie Effect by Graeme Simision – which has reminded me that I need to read the final book in that trilogy too!

There are a couple of other recent releases too – I’ve read Infamous by Lex Croucher*, which is billed as Bridgerton’s rowdy little sister – but I haven’t got to Ten Years by Pernille Hughes yet, although it is waiting on my kindle. Also waiting on my kindle is The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman by Julietta Henderson which came out last year originally.

In old favourites, there’s one of my very favourite Katie Fforde books at 99p this month Stately Pursuits must be nearly 20 years old now, but a lot of the tropes you’ll find in it are still among my favourites: a grumpy brooding hero, something that needs saving (in this case a big old house) and a heroine who just throws herself into tackling any problem in her path.

In series I love, Tales from the Folly by Ben Aaronovitch – the short story collection that ties in to Rivers of London is 99p this month, and I don’t remember seeing it this cheap before. In other series with books on offer, MC Beaton Death of a Bore in the Hamish Macbeth series is 99p. I’ve only read a few JD Robbs, but I know they’re hugely popular and the series is really long – so always good to pick them up on offer. This month it’s Judgement in Death, the 11th in the series

Some of the Georgette Heyer novels now seem to be dropping out of copyright and appearing in random editions (or at least I think that’s what they are) but in terms of the editions that I know are proper and well formatted etc, this month it’s Spanish Bride on offer for 99p. This is one of the less traditional Heyers – it’s got all the battle description that I find the least interesting bit of Infamous Army and is based on a true story. Spoiler: The marriage happens very early. The £1.99 Heyers are the aforementioned Infamous Army, Pistols for Two (the short stories collection), my beloved Devil’s Cub and another slightly more obscure one – Beauvallet.

And finally in non fiction, Andrew Lownie’s The Mountbattens is 99p – I haven’t read this yet, but I very much enjoyed his book Traitor King this time last year. And Burnout by Emily Nagoski is also on offer. I read this before the pandemic, but I think the help and advice it offers is needed more now than ever.

Hopefully there’s something here for you somewhere. Have a good Wednesday.

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Recommendsday: August Kindle offers

It’s another month, so there’s a fresh batch of Kindle offers and I’ve been through them looking for the best bits and bobs. I’m sorry if this proves expensive for you – but trust me when I say that it’s as expensive for me as I put it all together!

Lets start off with some recent releases. The latest Veronica Speedwell, An Impossible Imposter is £1.99, which is a total bargain, and an earlier discount on this than I was expecting too. Even newer is the latest Christina Lauren, Something Wilder, which is 99p and came out towards the end of May. I was delighted to see as I’ve been really keen to read this as I really like Christina Lauren (as long as the characters aren’t pulling pranks on each other!). It’s not that long since Roomies was a Book of the Week – and obviously Unhoneymooners, Autoboyography and The Honey Don’t List have also been picks of various kinds too.

Also in new things I haven’t read yet, but are by authors I like and want to read is The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian, which is £1.99. And the previous book in the series, The Queer Principles of Kit Webb is the same price too. Bargain. In fact a whole bunch of Cat Sebastian is on offer at £1.99 right now – I’ve filled in all the gaps in my collections – basically if she wrote it it’s £1.99 – unless the two Page and Sommers books.

Back to the 99p bargains now but slightly older (as it came out last year), is Elizabeth Macneal’s Circus of Wonders which was also a Book of the Week and fellow 2021 BotW pick Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. Another BotW from 2021, Lucy Parker’s Battle Royal is £1.99. Then there is a whole stack of stuff that’s on my kindle waiting to be read that’s on offer for 99p – including The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang (The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test were Books of the Week), Dating Dr Dil by Nisha Sharma, The Flames by Sophie Haydock and Lost Property by Helen Paris.

On the non fiction front, Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five, which I thought was really brilliant, is 99p as is Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven, which is interesting but depressing and has just been turned into a TV miniseries. I don’t do ebook cookery books (I like to write on my recipes) but is you too Rukmini Iyer’s Green Barbecue is on offer. I love her Roasting Tin Books so much and this is the barbecue equivalent.

I’ve written about some of Anthony Horowitz’s other books – but I haven’t read any of his Sherlock Holmes or James Bond continuations, but two of them are on offer this month – The House of Silk and Forever and a Day. He’s also got a new book in one of his meta-y detective books out next week, but none of the previous Hawthorne books are on particularly good offers sadly.

In series you might be working your way through as they come on offer, this month’s Julia Quinn is Because of Miss Bridgerton which is the first of the Rokesby series which are prequels to the core Bridgerton books, and was a BotW here when it first came out. The 99p Georgette Heyer is The Toll-gate (one of my least favourites) with These Old Shades, Devil’s Cub, Beauvallet and a few others at £1.99. The Terry Pratchett is Sourcery which is the third in the Wizards sequence.

One final kids book to finish – The Great Troll War by Jasper Fforde is 99p. This is the most recent in the Last Dragonslayer series. I’ve only read the first one, but keep meaning to do the others.

Happy hump day everyone