New arrival: Carrie Soto is Back

Is this the book I have written about the most this year before it even came out? Probably. And it came out on Tuesday so this is a couple of days late because I’ve only just got home from a couple of nights in London to get my hands on it. But I have already read all of the Kindle preview while I was away and I’m ready to dig in to the rest. I don’t think I had appreciated that the release date coincided with the US Open, which would have been a nice touch but is now an excellent touch as Serena Williams is currently competing in her (probably) final tournament – and this is a book about a female tennis great coming out of retirement to reclaim her crown…


Half year lookahead!

I did a post at the start of the year with my most Anticipated Books of 2022 so I thought I would revisit and update for the midway point – when we have more details about the releases in the later bit of the year.

As you can see from the photo, I’ve actually read quite a lot of the anticipated stuff that I have copies of from the first half of the year (stuff with a blue line through it means I’ve read it!) and the whole list is quite first half of the year heavy still.

So, what’s on the preorder list at the moment? Well the third (and final?) Vera Kelly book – Vera Kelly: Lost and Found which is out in September. I’ve really enjoyed the first two books in the series which has seen Vera junketing around Argentina and also a children’s home in upstate New York. This one sees Vera heading off to Los Angeles and sees her trying to track down her missing girlfriend. The Kindle is actually already available apparently, but I have the others in this series in paperback and I want them to match…

The next in Olivia Dade’s Spoiler Alert series is out in November – Shipwrecked is about actors who had a one night stand years ago and are now co-stars in an epic to series. And somehow linked in my head, but for reasons I can’t understand is Jen DeLuca’s Ren faire series – I did mention Well Travelled in the first post but it has slipped back further in the year and is now out in December and features the Duelling Kilts band that we’ve met in earlier books.

I’ve also got my eye on Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Matthews, which looks like it could be quality Rich People Problems stuff – with a wife in Maine for the summer with the kids and her husband in Brooklyn looking for funding for his start up. That’s out in August, but it’s a £20 hard back so I’m hanging fire on a preorder at the moment because that’s a lot for a new to me author.

On the non fiction front, I have my eye on Sarah Churchwell’s The Wrath to Come exploring modern America through the myth of Gone with the Wind. I haven’t preordered it yet because the pile is so big and I read hardback none fiction so slowly, but it looks really good.

And finally then there is Joyce Carol Oates’ Blonde, which retells and reimagines the story of Marilyn Monroe and is not new at all – it’s about to be a movie for goodness sake but appears to be out of print in English so I’ve bunged a preorder in for the rerelease in September in case I don’t find a second hand copy sooner!

That’s it for now on the upcoming, but here are links to the posts where I’ve talked about some of my anticipated releases from the first half of the year: The Christie Affair, The Maid, Fatal Crossing, Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting, Attack and Decay, Amongst Our Weapons and The Prize Racket. And finally here’s my favourite new books of the first half of 2022.

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Out today: Godmersham Park

I’m actually quite excited about this – you may remember that I loved Miss Austen a couple of years ago, and now Gill Hornby has written another book with Jane Austen and her family in it. I have a copy, but I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t write a review (yet) but I wanted to mention it here today because I haven’t seen anywhere near as many mentions of this as I did of Miss Austen when that was about to come out!


Squee: New Taylor Jenkins Reid coming!

Do you remember when I said the other day in my preorder post that hopefully the release calendar would start to fill up soon? Well days later, just days later, guess what? Taylor Jenkins Reid announced she has a new book coming this summer!

And as you can see from the Instagram post, it’s tangentially related to Malibu Rising – in that it’s about someone that we met in that book – albeit some years later. I am *very* excited. But I will admit I haven’t preordered it yet – because I’m waiting to see if there is a signed edition coming somewhere or if she’s going to do any in person events for it because as you may remember, back in the beforetimes, I went to see her talk about Daisy Jones and the Six in the basement of Waterstones in Gower Street in March 2019 – I even paid money to go!

I do sort of love the idea that it’s the TJR universe and that the people in her books could run into each other. But that’s because I love it in romance series where you get to see the couple from the previous books pop up and being happy! Anyway, I suspect that this time if there is a tour it may be in a slightly bigger place – and again, I’ll happily pay money for it – especially if there’s a chance of getting some weird merch with it – the fake festival bracelet I got for Daisy is on one of my shelves next to my home office desk – along with my collection of bookish badges and postcards and the like.

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Books incoming: February edition

Honestly I am amazed at my own restraint. No seriously. And actually I’m also pretty transparent. The Jenn McKinlay is the book I told you I bought in the Cupcake Bakery post. Poison for a Teacher is because of Death Goes On Skis. Lions of Fifth Avenue is because I was shopping for a birthday book for my mum (hi mum!) and bought this for myself at the same time, and the Unforgettable Guinevere St Clare is something I had my eye on for the 50 States Challenge last year so I treated myself to it for this year’s edition. There are two more books that haven’t arrived yet – I put in an order for the Antony Sher memoir and also a book about musicals, but everything else has been an ebook or a preorder…


The Pre-order list

Ok, so I realised that I’ve mentioned preordering stuff fairly regularly in book of the eeek, but not actually told you what I’ve ordered, so I thought I should change that. You may not be massively surprised by this though…

So in no particular order, let me start with the next Rivers of London book – Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaronovitch. You all know how much I love this series, and I can’t wait to see what Peter has to deal with this time – and whether he gets it dealt with before the twins arrive! Luckily I only have to wait until early April. And since I last told you how excited I was about it (in the anticipated books post) I’ve ordered myself a nice signed hardback copy from my old friends Big Green Books. And that’s not the only signed copy I’ve ordered from them – I’ll have to wait until the start of June, but I’m I’m really looking forward to Richard Cole’s detective novel Murder Before Evensong dropping through the letterbox. Who doesn’t want to read a murder mystery about a crime solving vicar, written by everyone’s favourite former popstar turned reverend? Exactly.

Arriving rather sooner will be Martha Wainwright’s memoir, Things I Might Regret Telling You. I first heard Martha singing on Simon Mayo’s afternoon show back when I lived in Southend – she was promoting her Piaf record, so it must have been 2009 and I remember parking the car on the drive as i got home from work and staying sitting in it until her section was done. Her albums have been on high rotation in my various vehicles CD players and on music services ever since, and I’ve seen her live in concert too. In fact I’ve collected a set of Wainwrights, as I’ve also seen Rufus more than once – and on one occasion he was supported by Lucy Wainwright Roche. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading about her life – especially what is was like growing up as the daughter of the folk musicians Kate McGarrigale and Loudon Wainwright II. After all, her breakthrough song was about her father and called Bloody Motherf**king Asshole, so we know there are some issues there – even if you didn’t know that her brother’s song Dinner at Eight is also about the fractious relationship that he has with their dad.

Far, far into the future is Lucy Worsley’s Agatha Christie biography, which is subtitled “A Very Elusive Woman” and doesn’t come out until September. Which is annoying, but hey, I may have forgotten I preordered it by then and when it arrives it will be a delightful surprise. Anyway, there’s a spate of Christie-related books at the moment – after all it’s only a few weeks since I reviewed The Christie Affair – and that’s not even the only novel about her disappearance that’s come out in the last six months, because there’s also The Mystery of Mrs Christie by Marie Benedict which came out in October. Anyway, having read a lot of her books and some of the fiction about her I want to read something proper about the reality.

And I think that’s about it, because you already know that I’ve preordered the next Vinyl Detective and all of the other books I mentioned as having preordered in the that post have already come out! I’m sure that state of affairs won’t last though – as I think the supply chain issues that have been messing with book release dates may be finally starting to clear, and surely then a whole wealth of books I can’t wait to read will come tumbling out…