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Series I Love: Well Met

It was Valentine’s Day this week, so we’ve got a romance pick for this week’s series post. But before we get to the books, can I just say how typical it was that literally hours after I published a post about upcoming releases mentioning that there’s an untitled Julia Quinn coming in May, that the Bridgerton account posts that there is a Julia Quinn and Shonda Rimes Queen Charlotte book coming out in… early May. Oh the timing!

Anyway, in keeping with the low-peril vibe of Nora Goes Off Script, I’m talking about Jen DeLuca’s Renaissance Faire series where there is no peril at all for the heroines, just self discovery and a happily ever after. Anyway at the start of Well Met we meet Emily, who has moved to Willow Creek for the summer to help her sister who has been in a car crash and needs some help looking after her teenage daughter. Emily ends up volunteering at the renaissance fair along with her niece where she meets Simon, grumpy school teacher who Definitely Doesn’t Like Her. And of course romance ensues. The second book is a a Cyrano-type thing which it just about manages to pull off without being catfishing, the third book is Emily’s older sister, now recovered from her broken leg and who finds her self agreeing to a fake relationship with a toy boy and finally we have Well Traveled with Mitch’s cousin Lulu and Dex the playboy musician.

While I’m convinced that their fake ye olde English accents are about as convincing as my American one, these books are basically a big comforting hug in the form of a crazy summer faire tradition and a found community. Oh and the romances are excellent, but I think that goes without saying. We’ve got a while to wait for more from Willow Creek – Jen DeLuca announced a new book deal at the start of this month and although she’s signed for a fifth Ren Faire book, it’s coming after the first in a new series set in a coastal town, which a woman whose new house is haunted. Intriguing.

In terms of buying these, I’m going to warn you that it’s a bit confusing on Amazon – I think they’ve done something behind the scenes that has made things go a bit wonky because it didn’t know I already own Well Met – so I bought it because it’s 99p at the moment and then discovered two copies in my Kindle account – and Well Traveled isn’t linked to the rest of the series. So your easiest thing on Kindle is to just search for Jen DeLuca and cross reference against your device. On Kobo none of them seem to be linked as a series at all, so same thing – search on the author name. You’ve seen that I’ve got Well Traveled in paperback because it was in Books Incoming as I preordered it, but the ggood news is that these seem to be available in bookshops in the UK now I think because they’ve got some TikTok buzz (and adding that to their amazon pages may be the root of the trouble) so if you have a reasonably large store you may be able to find them – perhaps even on the “TikTok made me buy it” table.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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