Review Policy

Firstly and most importantly, I only blog about things that I want to write about.

The books that I read are a mixture of books that I have purchased myself, books that I have received through NetGalley, books that I have been sent by publishers and books that I have borrowed from the library.  I try to make it clear which books are which when I write reviews, but I also try to shelve things appropriately on Goodreads (for my sanity as well as clarity) – you can see my profile here.

If you would like me to read your book, please do take a look at the sort of thing that I like to read so you don’t waste your time trying to persuade me to read horror!

My Week in Books posts list every thing that I read the previous week, but I don’t review everything I read on here. But everything I read that I haven’t read before does usually get a review of some sort  – positive or negative – on Goodreads and a star rating*.  Over on Goodreads I’m one of the top 50 reviewers in the UK.

The best place to contact me is through Twitter – I’m @WildeV.

* You can draw your own conclusions about what it means if I haven’t given a book a star rating.

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