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Books Incoming: mid-April edition

Well, the pile was smaller for most of the month and then, well, suddenly it got a bit bigger. We’re missing one too – as I got my copy of Romantic Comedy delivered to the parents and I haven’t collected it yet. So that may yet appear in next month’s picture. Anyway, we have two more Diane Mott Davidsons as I continue to fill in the gaps around the ones that are available on Kindle. My sister and I both read about Reach for the Stars and said we had to have it but, couldn’t justify paying hardback prices, except this week there was an event for it at Foyles and so… I went. And I told you I had order This Bird Has Flown for click and collect in this weeks Week In Books – I picked it up Monday and started it immediately, which would have been fine as I had Waterstones stamps to spend on it, except I also bought the cozy crime. Ooops. Never mind.

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