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Books incoming: mid-March edition

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I usually lead with the photo but honestly this year I’m not doing very well with the self restraint and I’m almost scaring myself. It is a little more than a calendar month’s worth but February is quite a short month so it probably evens out, so no excuse there!

It’s bad isn’t it? Really bad. I mean the books are good. But the amount of them is bad. I mean the good news is that some of them are already off the pile because I read them even before this post! Death in the Stars is a Kate Shackleton and I read that the other week and The Cereal Murders is one of the Diane Mott Davidson’s that is not available on kindle so I read that too. White Mischief is one of the books about the Happy Valley set that I haven’t read yet and I picked it up in Bookends, which is also where The Ladies Auxiliary, the Edmund Crispin and the Jennifer Crusie came from.

The Crichel Boys and Young Bloomsbury are from two different wanders through Foyles – one before Noises Off and the other the same one I bought Death in the Stars as well. Bookman Dead Style is from that delightful cozy crime selection in Waterstones Gower Street. To The One I Love Best is from my walk over to see John Finnemore (I’ll explain next week!) and the Vanderbeekers, How to Fake it in Hollywood and the Tracey Thorn were impulse purchases off the internet after several different bad days. Because books make me better, right up until I’m confronted with the evidence of how many I’ve bought!

Have a great weekend everyone and go buy a book.

books, The pile

Books Incoming: mid-February edition

Well I suppose it’s a smaller selection than the last one, so I should try and be pleased with that. But if you think that these AND everything in the birthday post are all January acquisitions, then you’ll see why I find that not a lot to cheer about. Anyway, to the actual books. The Elizabeth Taylor is Kate Andersen Brower’s new book and given my interest in classic Hollywood and how much I enjoyed her books about the White House and it’s occupants, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that I bought it for myself for my birthday. I also bought myself (or rather preordered myself) the signed Really Good, Actually which I just kept hearing about all over the place. As I mentioned in the post about the Christy Kennedy series, there are a few I haven’t read – and I’ve bought a couple of them after writing the post!

Then there’s the last two Emilie Richards Ministry is Murder books which I’ve been eying for a long time and bought in a week moment and The Foyles Three (as alluded to last weekend) – two romances because they had an offer on and how could I resist and the very, very discounted cosy crime which is from a series that I read several of via NetGalley years ago and haven’t seen around for ages. All in all not a bad haul and if only it wasn’t for the state of the to read bookshelf I would be quite happy. As it is the overspill pile is getting out of control so now I will have to redouble my efforts now I have finished the Meg Langslow reread!

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Books Incoming: January Holiday edition

Mixing it up a little bit with the photo for this one (although I have included the flat lay too at the bottom of the post). Here is the collection from the holiday. I don’t think I’ve bought so many books on one trip since the year we went to Haye on Wye – also in January! Nine books from five different shops. The British Library Crime Classics came from Falmouth Bookseller, where I could have spent a lot more but it was only the second day and I was trying to pace myself. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels and A Race of Love as Death (which is really for Him Indoors but I include it for completeness because I found it and paid for it for him and may read it too) came from Lyme Regis Bookshop. The rest came from assorted charity shops – including Oxfam in Wells and the National Trust at Knightshayes.

As for the actual books, well. I’m working my way through the Mrs Bradley series as I see them at an appealing price – see also the British Library Crome Classics and the Janet Evanovixh. Technically I’ve read the Laurie Graham before – but it’s one I didn’t own a physical copy of so I’ve fixed that. And the Wisteria Society… is just one I’ve seen mentioned a lot and saw in person and just bought it. What can I say: poor impulse control is my middle name. Except it’s not but you know what I mean!

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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Books Incoming: Mid-January edition

You’ve already seen the Christmas arrivals, but here are the other things I have acquired since the last books incoming. And it all looks much more out of control than it really is – basically because someone on one of my book Facebook groups was selling the Kate Carlisle cozy series for very little so I just bought them. The Mary Roach was a long time want that I thought I had preordered in paperback but seemed not to have done and then everything else came from the same trip to the little shopping centre – four from The Works and the Liz Evans from the charity book stall. Job’s a good un!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Books Incoming: December edition

A smaller selection this month – and you’ve already seen two of them – Last Hero was a BotW already, and the Rainbow Rowell was a book I bought myself for Christmas! Then there’s a proof copy of Triple Cross that just appeared, my copy of Death of a Necromancer that I contributed to the Kickstarter for (and my bonus content!), the latest – and one of the last Girls Gone By Chalet School Books before my collection is complete and the new Jen DeLuca. Nice.

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Books Incoming: November edition

A very restrained collection this month – and no, that’s not because I’m posting this earlier in the month – the time between last month’s photo and this months is the same as it usually is – it’s the posting schedule that’s gone wonky because I wanted to post the Gatwick photos before they got super out of date and so the books incoming slid back. Anyway, I’ve already read Mansion for Murder – and Murder on a Summer’s day was my treat to myself this week in Foyles. It’s earlier in the Kate Shackleton series, but it’s one I haven’t read. Then there’s another Foyles impulse buy in Park Avenue Summer (set at Cosmopolitan magazine in the mid-1960s, how could I resist!) and Oh, What a Lovely Century is one I’ve had my eye on for a while, but that turned up on the charity bookshelf at work, so I donated my money and picked it up. Yay me.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Books Incoming: October Edition

A real bumper crop this month, undoing all the good that I did by being restrained last month. There are two main factors at play here – firstly all the books that I had asked the comic book store to get in for me came in at once – that’s the left hand side. Then we have what I’m going to call the Shingles impulse purchasing as what I thought were insect bites had already appeared when I bought myself Death and the Brewery Queen in Waterstone’s Picadilly and then the Ali Hazelwood, Catriona McPherson and Jacqueline Winspear were all bought when I was on my sickbed ad feeling sorry for myself! And I’ve already read three of the four…

If you take those eight out of the equation, what you have left are two preorders – Blonde and Vera Kelly, two airport purchases (the Richard Osman and the Richard E Grant) and two purchases because I wanted them. Which would have been a reasonable month. So it’s all totally fine and explicable. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

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Books Incoming: Book Conference haul!

Here it is, here is the post conference book haul. I mean nothing says “I had a great time” like nearly two dozen books. You’ll see I acquired a lovely copy of Ballet Shoes – which I think is the same edition I read when I first read it at primary school. Then there are a couple books from boarding school series that I haven’t read all of yet, the four Chalet School books which are to upgrade my Armada collection, one of the Swallows and Amazons hardbacks that I’m missing, a non-Sadlers Wells Lorna Hill, a bunch of standalone books of various types and then a small haul of British Library Crime Classics because how could I resist them. Just lovely. I’ve already read a couple of them…