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Books Incoming: mid May edition

So technically two of these arrived last month – but were delivered to my parents so weren’t at home for last month’s post – I’ve already written about Romantic Comedy at length, but the actual book is very pretty – although I do like the US version too. The other late arrival is the beautiful hardback Virago edition of Nora Ephron’s Heartburn. Yes I already own a paperback copy AND the audiobook (read by Meryl Streep no less!), and no I don’t know whether I will manage to part with the paperback now I have this to add to my collection of Designer Classics.

Then we have a bunch of new releases and preorders. My copy of William Lee Adams’ Wild Dances came direct from the author, but The Tobacco Wives and Dressed to Drill were preorders – although they arrived later than I was expecting, especially the new Fixer-Upper which was nearly two day after release, but then it’s a US book so even though Amazon UK said they had it, they probably didn’t!

Then we have another Goldy Schultz as I continue to pick up second-hand copies of the ones that aren’t on Kindle, the next Cupcake Bakery that I haven’t read and a couple of impulse purchases: Beach Read which I bought after I finished Happy Place and The Golden Hour which I’ve had my eye on for ages. And then on Sunday I was in Sainsbury’s and couldn’t help myself when I saw a historical mystery series I hadn’t come across before. Poor impulse control.

And that’s your lot for this month!

3 thoughts on “Books Incoming: mid May edition”

    1. Isn’t it just! The blurb is intriguing too:

      Florence. Spring, 1537. Cesare Aldo investigates a report of intruders at a convent in the Renaissance city.

      His case becomes more complicated when a man’s body is found deep inside the convent, stabbed more than two dozen times. Unthinkable as it seems, the evidence suggest one of the nuns must be the killer.

      Meanwhile, Constable Carlo Strocchi finds human remains pulled from the Arno that belong to an officer of the law missing since winter. The dead man had many enemies, but who would kill an official of the cities, most feared criminal court?

      As Also and Strocchi close in on the truth, identifying the killers will prove more treacherous than either of them could ever have imagined…

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