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Books Incoming: November edition

A very restrained collection this month – and no, that’s not because I’m posting this earlier in the month – the time between last month’s photo and this months is the same as it usually is – it’s the posting schedule that’s gone wonky because I wanted to post the Gatwick photos before they got super out of date and so the books incoming slid back. Anyway, I’ve already read Mansion for Murder – and Murder on a Summer’s day was my treat to myself this week in Foyles. It’s earlier in the Kate Shackleton series, but it’s one I haven’t read. Then there’s another Foyles impulse buy in Park Avenue Summer (set at Cosmopolitan magazine in the mid-1960s, how could I resist!) and Oh, What a Lovely Century is one I’ve had my eye on for a while, but that turned up on the charity bookshelf at work, so I donated my money and picked it up. Yay me.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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