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Not a Book: Grand Prix Figure Skating!

Very not a book, but this weekend I’m in Sheffield watching figure skating. I’m having the best time, even though all the pictures I’ve taken are terrible but then I don’t think I was expecting an iPhone to take the best figure skating photos! I’ve even popped up in some of the photos of the event…

Yes, that’s me, sitting behind the Lilah and Lewis banner (not line, belongs to the people sitting behind me) and concentrating fiercely on something – I think probably on one of the male skaters practicing their jumps.

Anyway, in case you don’t know, the Grand Prix of figure skating is a six event series that leads to a grand final and this year because of Covid restrictions in China (and Russia being banned), Great Britain is hosting an event for the first time. I haven’t been to see skating live for a decade – since the European championships came to Sheffield – so I was first in the queue for tickets. And so far it’s been amazing. If you see this before the events finish today and happen to have a look at the coverage, you might be able to spot me (and that banner) right behind the skaters as they start and end their routines – I’m right opposite the judges:

I hope you’re all having as wonderful a weekend as I am – check out my Insta stories if you want to see my terrible photos – and see you tomorrow for Week in Books!

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