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Books Incoming: mid January

I suppose technically it’s late January now, but hey, I make the rules! Anyway, here is a quick look at the latest additions to the physical tbr pile!

So arriving this week are a couple of books I ordered for my birthday – The Tortoise and the Hare in a delightful Virago Hardback edition – to match the others as seen on the shelf last week. Or not quite match as the case may be but you know what I mean. The copy of Greg Jenner‘s Ask A Historian is a signed one that I ordered ages ago, but for reasons has only just appeared this week and the Anne de Courcy is the one I mentioned buying in the Vanderbilt-adjacent recommendsday post. The other four are the result of a trip to The Works on Monday, where I remain pathologically unable to resist their three for £5 offer and then added in the short history of Europe because it was super cheap (and not in the deal). My lack of willpower really should be legendary at this point shouldn’t it! Anyway, as always these will pop up on the week in books list sooner or later – Tortoise and the Hare potentially sooner because I read an email newsletter about it the other day that prompted me to buy a copy – and in fact this is the second copy that I have bought – because the first one (from Amazon) never made it to me – the delivery tracker tells me that it was damaged in transit and returned, which is quite something.

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