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On my wishlist: Winter Olympics

So last week was the European Figure Skating Championships, and this week is the Four Continents Championships (both being held in Tallinn, Estonia because: Covid) which means we’re really on the run in to the Winter Olympics now. I love the Olympics – Summer and Winter, and will pretty much watch any of the sports in any of them – with the exception of Boxing and curling. But figure skating is the one of the winter sports that I follow the closest year in, year out – in fact ten years ago, Little Sis and I went to the Europeans when it was in Sheffield – and saw the Men’s short and the Pairs free – which is where the picture below is from. So today, ahead of the Olympics in Beijing, please hit me up with your recommendations for books about winter sports – fiction or non-fiction.

Alternatively, if that’s too difficult, I want romance recommendations that make you feel like this routine makes you feel. Volosozhar and Trankov won that Pairs competition that I saw in Sheffield – but this is from a few years later. I think it’s just one of the most perfect skating programs ever – the blend of the choreography and the big elements combined with that music just makes you think you’re in a ballroom watching a couple who are head-over-heels. Sidenote: we didn’t really know at the time, but they were already a couple at this point, and they’re now married with two kids!

Lastly, for a bonus, here are the Brits at Tallinn last week in the ice dance – I love this routine too and I’m hoping that Lilah and Lewis can stay fit and healthy and really do themselves proud in Beijing next month.

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