The pile

Coming Up…

I’ve already written about my anticipated books and about my reading resolutions, so my last contribution to my New Year posts is a little look at the state of my to-read book shelves – virtual and physical – and what I’ve got waiting to be read.

On the non-fiction front, I’ve already started Anderson Cooper’s book about the Vanderbilt family, which I asked for for Christmas. On the memoir front I have the hardback of Miriam Margolyes’ book and I’ve started the Hayley Mills one on kindle. I’ve got David Attenborough’s new book, which I bought intending to give it to someone, but couldn’t bear to part with because it’s signed. In paperback I’ve got Jason Diamond’s book about the American suburbs, The Sprawl and Come Fly The World, about the women of Pan Am, which I picked up on the way to Gran Canaria because it appeared to my Shirley Flight instincts but didn’t manage to read while I was out there. There’s a lot more on there, but those are the ones I want to get to first.

There’s also plenty of fiction. In terms of series that I read, I’ve got the next in the Lady Sherlock series, Miss Moriarty, I Presume which came out in the autumn, the latest Dandy Gilver and the next Taylor and Rose mystery. Then off the back of the 50 states challenge, I’ve got the next in the Silver Six series and another in the Ministry is Murder series too. I’ve still got a Curtis Sittenfeld that I’ve been saving for a special occasion and a Stacy Halls that I bought off the back of enjoying Mrs England. I’ve got a couple of new crime series to try, and also some old school historical romances that I haven’t been in the mood for yet, but I’m sure I will be at some point.

Now why am I telling you all this? Well a couple of years back, I did a state of the to read pile post and it actually helped me get the motivation to read some of them. So I’m trying the same trick on myself again. If I’ve told you what’s on the shelf, and put some pictures up, I’ll have to have read some of them (at least) before I can do the same thing again. I’m not putting any time scales on it, because we all know that I’m a mood reader and there’s nothing more guaranteed to make me not want to read something than saying that I will or feeling forced to – it’s why I’m so bad with getting the NetGalley List done on time. But hey, I’ll try and get at least some of these read by the middle of the year. I might even check in with you if I do!

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