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2022 Reading resolutions

Here we are at the end of the first week of 2022, and I thought I should maybe talk about my plans for the year ahead.

Well, although I’ve called this a resolutions post, I’m not really making any. Is that a cop out? Probably. I know that making commitments to things is meant to make you more likely to be able to achieve them. But I find they just make me feel worse about myself when I don’t manage to complete them. And I never do when it comes to reading.

I entered 2022 with a big old backlog on NetGalley – the same as I did last year. I don’t think it’s got any bigger, but it hasn’t got much smaller either. So I’m going to try to be a bit restrained with my requesting finger and work on that. I’ve already been through and identified some that will fit the 50 states challenge, if I do that again this year. But last year I didn’t do very well with the actual bookshelf – as I explained in my retrospective post so who knows whether I’ll veer off onto a reading actual books moment over the ebook backlog.

But mostly my aim for 2022 is to enjoy my reading. I’ve got much better over the last few years about just reading what I want to read and not what I think I ought to be reading, and I want to carry on doing that. Read what I fancy, not think about numbers of books read or what I should read – and just read what I want, when I want. Let’s see how I get on…

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