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Books Incoming: Book Conference haul!

Here it is, here is the post conference book haul. I mean nothing says “I had a great time” like nearly two dozen books. You’ll see I acquired a lovely copy of Ballet Shoes – which I think is the same edition I read when I first read it at primary school. Then there are a couple books from boarding school series that I haven’t read all of yet, the four Chalet School books which are to upgrade my Armada collection, one of the Swallows and Amazons hardbacks that I’m missing, a non-Sadlers Wells Lorna Hill, a bunch of standalone books of various types and then a small haul of British Library Crime Classics because how could I resist them. Just lovely. I’ve already read a couple of them…

The pile

Books Incoming: July edition

Oh dear. Everything has gone a little bit bonkers hasn’t it. Whoopsie daisy. I could hardly get them all in the same photo. What you see here is the result of two different charity shops, two Persephone books arriving close together, the airport bookshop (and I’ve just realised that I’ve missed Great Circle out of the photo because it’s beside my bed and not on the new book pile on the bureau), a happy visit to the comic book store, a wander through WH Smith’s, a preorder arriving and a purchase to assist with the 50 states challenge. Just imagine what might have happened if I’d made it into Foyles during any of my trips to London!

Will I manage to be more restrained this month? Tune in in August to find out!

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Books Incoming: June edition!

Now you’ve seen a couple of these on the lists already. Bloodlust and Bonnets was a BotW and came on the same trip to the comic bookshop as Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron and Heartstopper part 1. Inverts is from That Trip To Foyles and The Setup is the book launch I went to the other week. Then we have another Persephone pick, the next library lover mystery because I read the one I ordered last month and my nice signed preorder of the Reverend Richard Coles murder mystery. Not a bad haul in all really!

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Books Incoming: April edition

So, if this post had been two days ago there would only have been two books in this photo – the Martha Wainwright and the Nancy Spain. But then I made a trip to Wilkos on Good Friday, and there is a The Works in the same shopping centre and: Voila. Book purchases ahoy. The Frances Brody is the first in a new series that I’m trying because I like her Kate Shackleton books, Christina Lauren I’ve written about before, Castle Shade is the latest Mary Russell and the other was just a whim which could go either way. We’ll see!

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Books Incoming: March edition

Did I wait to take this photo until this morning? Why yes. And why is that? Well say hello to Harvey Fierstein’s memoir that is my latest arrival. The most of the rest of this haul is a result of a spending spree on Nick Hern Books last month and the 50% off that Virago were doing on their designer editions last Friday as a belated International Women’s Day offer. I swear I cannot resist those hardbacks. I’m going to have to reorganise the shelves once I’ve read them all because I don’t have space to keep them together as it stands! The lone British Library Crime Classic is from our day out last Saturday when I trawled the charity shops of Stony Stratford – thank you Willen Hospice bookshop – and the Persephone is my latest in the subscription I got given for Christmas. Lovely stuff.

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Books incoming: February edition

Honestly I am amazed at my own restraint. No seriously. And actually I’m also pretty transparent. The Jenn McKinlay is the book I told you I bought in the Cupcake Bakery post. Poison for a Teacher is because of Death Goes On Skis. Lions of Fifth Avenue is because I was shopping for a birthday book for my mum (hi mum!) and bought this for myself at the same time, and the Unforgettable Guinevere St Clare is something I had my eye on for the 50 States Challenge last year so I treated myself to it for this year’s edition. There are two more books that haven’t arrived yet – I put in an order for the Antony Sher memoir and also a book about musicals, but everything else has been an ebook or a preorder…

The pile

Books Incoming: mid January

I suppose technically it’s late January now, but hey, I make the rules! Anyway, here is a quick look at the latest additions to the physical tbr pile!

So arriving this week are a couple of books I ordered for my birthday – The Tortoise and the Hare in a delightful Virago Hardback edition – to match the others as seen on the shelf last week. Or not quite match as the case may be but you know what I mean. The copy of Greg Jenner‘s Ask A Historian is a signed one that I ordered ages ago, but for reasons has only just appeared this week and the Anne de Courcy is the one I mentioned buying in the Vanderbilt-adjacent recommendsday post. The other four are the result of a trip to The Works on Monday, where I remain pathologically unable to resist their three for £5 offer and then added in the short history of Europe because it was super cheap (and not in the deal). My lack of willpower really should be legendary at this point shouldn’t it! Anyway, as always these will pop up on the week in books list sooner or later – Tortoise and the Hare potentially sooner because I read an email newsletter about it the other day that prompted me to buy a copy – and in fact this is the second copy that I have bought – because the first one (from Amazon) never made it to me – the delivery tracker tells me that it was damaged in transit and returned, which is quite something.