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New Phryne Fisher…

As the title says – there is a new Phryne Fisher book! Murder in Williamstown came out in Australia and New Zealand this week. It doesn’t have a UK release date yet – in fact doesn’t even admit it exists at the moment, but it’s a great opportunity to remind you of how much I love Kerry Greenwood’s 1920s Lady Detective via my recent Phryne reread post as well as my original series I love post. Enjoy!

1 thought on “New Phryne Fisher…”

  1. No way!!!!!!!! So exciting. I adore Phryne!!! I recently watched all the ABC adaptations and was saddened that they “daytime TV’ed” her. She sort of lost all her oomph and Vava voom. Although I did love Miriam Margolyes as her aunt Prudence and the Dot casting was wonderful too.

    News of a new Phryne novel has very much made my day!!

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