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Out this week: Well Traveled

Genuinely very excited for this one – the fourth in Jen DeLuca’s Renaissance Fair series, which came out on Tuesday and I’m hoping will be waiting for me at home when I get there tonight, because like a fool I preordered the paperback again, not the kindle edition (it’s the preorder price guarantee that makes the difference half the time tbh). Anyway, this features Dex, one half of Duelling Kilts who we met in the Cyrano-y plot of Well Played, and Lulu who is the cousin of Mitch – the other half of Duelling Kilts who was the hero of that last book. Dex has been a playboy-y figure whenever we’ve seen him so far and I’m looking forward to seeing how DeLuca deals with that again – having done it really successfully with Mitch in Well Matched and considering that Well Played with Dex has been the one that I liked the least so far – although I didn’t dislike if if you know what I mean!

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