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Books Incoming: January Holiday edition

Mixing it up a little bit with the photo for this one (although I have included the flat lay too at the bottom of the post). Here is the collection from the holiday. I don’t think I’ve bought so many books on one trip since the year we went to Haye on Wye – also in January! Nine books from five different shops. The British Library Crime Classics came from Falmouth Bookseller, where I could have spent a lot more but it was only the second day and I was trying to pace myself. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels and A Race of Love as Death (which is really for Him Indoors but I include it for completeness because I found it and paid for it for him and may read it too) came from Lyme Regis Bookshop. The rest came from assorted charity shops – including Oxfam in Wells and the National Trust at Knightshayes.

As for the actual books, well. I’m working my way through the Mrs Bradley series as I see them at an appealing price – see also the British Library Crome Classics and the Janet Evanovixh. Technically I’ve read the Laurie Graham before – but it’s one I didn’t own a physical copy of so I’ve fixed that. And the Wisteria Society… is just one I’ve seen mentioned a lot and saw in person and just bought it. What can I say: poor impulse control is my middle name. Except it’s not but you know what I mean!

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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