Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading this who celebrate the occasion. Over here, I’m waiting for the avalanche of special offer deals to hit my inbox and wondering if I’ll be able to figure out which ones are genuine deals, and which ones are… not. Anyway, it’s all got me to thinking about Thanksgiving four years ago – which would also have been my Grandpa’s 95 birthday – when I was in the US with work and spent Thanksgiving wandering around the Air and Space Museum’s Annexe in Virginia. A truly excellent day and one I know Gramps would have really, really enjoyed. He would have been 99 earlier this week, and we’ve already started thinking about what we might do to mark his 100th next year. Have a wonderful day everyone – where ever you are – and I hope you have some time with your families coming soon.

I have far too many chins in all the photos of me from my day out, and I’m not going to spend hours airbrushing me into something I like more, so here’s the space shuttle. It was astonishing to see it in the flesh.

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