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January Stats

Welcome to the first stats post of 2020 and as is traditional, there’s a slight rejig to this post for the new year.  It’s been a busy month in reading and I want to highlight the best bits as well as go through the numbers.

New books read this month: 36*

Books from the to-read pile: 8

Ebooks read: 1

NetGalley books read: 13

Library books: 14 (all ebooks)

Non-fiction books: 12

Favourite book this month: Headliners by Lucy Parker

Most read author: Jenn McKinlay (two Cupcake Bakery mysteries)

Books bought: 11 books (mostly at the airport or in Cambridge…) and one ebook.

Books read in 2020: 36

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 544

A promising start to the year in reading terms, with the non-fiction trend continuing and a good list of NetGalley books read as I work on reducing my outstanding titles.  Less promising in book buying terms, with a distinct lack of willpower at the airport, and no will power at all in Heffers!  I have started keeping a list of books incoming each month though, to guilt myself into being better!

Bonus picture:

A tempting vista of Heffers, where my willpower was at its weakest!

*Includes some short stories/novellas/comics/graphic novels (1 this month)


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