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December Stats

It’s the end of the year – so here it is, the bumper end of year stat post. I’m sure there’ll be some tweaks to the format at the end of January, but this is the 2019 format for the very last time:

New books read this month: 37*

Books from the to-read pile: 17

Ebooks read: 8

NetGalley books read: 3

Library books: (all ebooks): 9

Non-fiction books: 8

Most read author in December: Noel Coward – 2 plays read, which feels a bit wrong, but no other repeated authors

Books bought in December: 8 books, 3 books and a couple of preorders for 2020

Books read in 2019: 402!!!

This is my highest ever total, which is somewhat amazing and mind boggling. You can check out my year in books on Goodreads here.

Most read author in 2019: Susan Mallery – I’ve read the entire Fools Gold series this year basically, and all  but one of the Happily Inc series too and some standalones.  It’s been a proper glom.

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 540

And if you’ve somehow missed them, here’s my look back at my favourite new books of the year, my 2019 reading obsessions (which maybe should have included Susan Mallery, but doesn’t!), how my 2018 obsessions fared last year, and my look ahead to exciting new releases in 2020.

Bonus picture: Here’s my completed Beat the To Read Shelf spread from my journal.  I started this in 2018 as a way of making me work my way through the books on the tbr pile.  I find that I hate not finishing something even more than I hate being “forced” to read something.  But the library ebooks meant I fell a little bit behind this year – and had to do almost an entire shelf in the last month and a half of the year, and half a shelf in the last ten days.  I’m dead proud of it now I’m done though!

*Includes some short stories/novellas/comics/graphic novels (4 this month)


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