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The Week In Books: September 26 – October 2

It’s was a bit of a weird week – I found it hard to get in to a few things hence the dipping around.  I abandoned Murder out of Tune after 50 pages – I was only about 25 pages in at the end of last week – and included it for completeness and it came back and bit me!  I have another cozy crime started that’s not on this list – because I’m less than 50 pages in and I’m not sure it’s going to stick and I’m not making that mistake again…


Queen Victoria’s Youngest Son by Charlotte Zeepvat

No Time Like the Past by Jodi Taylor

Hot Summer Nights by Laramie Briscoe

Start Here: Read Your Way into 25 Amazing Authors ed. Jeff O’Neal

Midsummer Night by Deanna Raybourn

Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood

The Case of the Deepdean Vampire by Robin Stevens


Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation by James Runcie

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

Lethal Lifestyles by LynDee Walker

Still reading:

The Underground Railroad by Coulson Whitehead

Dustbowl Girls by Lydia Reeder

I bought a couple of ebooks this week in an attempt to get out of the slump – and pre-ordered a couple more too.  So relatively restrained.  For me anyway

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