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Book of the Week: Pretty Honest

A different pick this week for BotW as it’s a beauty book.  I’ve had Pretty Honest on the shelf for a while – and have dipped in and out and read bits here and there (and bought a copy as a present for 13 year old cousin after reading the teen beauty section).  But the last week or two I sat myself down and read it from cover to cover.  And it’s really good.

Sali Hughes is a beauty writer and journalist.  This is here guide to all things beauty, make up and grooming and it’s really, really good.  It covers pretty much everything – from skin care routines and the best makeup routine for the train to bridal make-up, post-baby beauty and how to look the best you can in pretty much every circumstance.

It’s heavy on text, not on pictures, but I didn’t feel like I needed a storyboard to work out what Sali was telling me.  It’s a little bit having a funny mate who knows everything about looking amazing chatting to you to help you and stop you making stupid mistakes.  And unlike some beauty manuals I’ve read, it’s not trying to turn out clones of the writer.  Sali may prefer red lippy, but she’s not going to force it on you.  She just wants you to know how to do your chosen look the best you can – and be totally confident about it in the process.  What’s not to love?

In fact the only downside of Pretty Honest is that I now have a list of extra things that I want to buy and know I need to do a clear out of my make up and beauty drawer(s)!  I reckon you should be able to get Pretty Honest at any good bookshop.  My copy is a very giftable (and Sali has ideas about that too which I may implement) hardback – but it’s out in paperback now too.  For your ease and convienience, here’s a link to the pretty pink paperback on Amazon, Foyles and Waterstones – all three also have the hardback too.

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