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Emma Louise over on her eponymous blog has come up with the fabulous idea of the #Sunathon which is all about encouraging people all over the world to take time and make time to read.  It starts tomorrow (Monday) so I’m hopping onto that this week – and I’ve come up with a list of summery books that I have sitting on the to-read pile (or in the unread folder on the Kindle) that I’m going to be reading this week and wanted to share them with you (as I’ve found the best way to make sure I actually read what I say I’m going to is to put it down in writing so I can’t sneak off and do something different!) I can’t promise to get through them all but I’ll try.  So the books on the #sunathon list are:

Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson

What Would Mary Berry Do by Claire Sandy

The Beach Hut Next Door by Veronica Henry

Longbourn by Jo Baker

The Storms of War by Kate Williams

Books and the sunlounger
The Physical part of the #Sunathon to-read pile and my sunlounger

You’ll notice that several of these are recent releases or due for release in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully there may be some reviews of them coming up too.  For now though, follow my progress over on Twitter – I’m @WildeV and join the conversation or even join in yourself using #sunathon.

Apologies for this brief spurt of posting – I meant to post the Children’s/Young Adult blog earlier in the week and time got away with me somewhat.  I do try and space my posts out, but to do that I need to actually schedule them when I write them not just save them in drafts *headdesk*