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Book of the Week: A Very Big House in the Country

As promised last week, here’s a link to my review of The Spider in the Corner of the Room on Novelicious.  I’ve read some more stuff for Novelicious this week – and you’ll see links to them in future BotW posts.  Now to business.  This week’s BotW is Claire Sandy’s latest A Very Big House in the Country.  I was so excited when this appeared in the post* – after all I raved about What Would Mary Berry Do? last summer.  You may have noticed that this was on the reading list for a couple of weeks – and that is because I forced myself not to gobble this up in one sitting.**

The Herreras, the Littles and the Browns are sharing a massive Devon mansion for two long hot weeks of the summer holidays.  There are secrets. There are romances. There’s something lurking in the bushes – and it may not just be the Herrera’s dog on the pull.  There’s step-sons, trophy wives, a glamourous (and possibly slutty) nanny and an outdoor pool.  And gallons of wine.  Tongues will loosen, inhibitions will fall away and people may get a little too honest.  When everyone packs up and heads out at the end of the summer will they all still be friends? And will everyone be going home in the same car they arrived in?

Ok.  I know, there’s not a lot of plot in that little summary, but I think it gives you a flavour of the book.  It’s warm, touching and funny, with a bit of a sarcastic edge.  The house may be luxurious, but the book is very down to earth. You’ll probably recognise things from your own families and group holidays in this.  Summer may be ending, but grab hold of its coattails and recapture the hot weather after a particularly wet bank holiday weekend with one last sun-lounger read.

This one is all up in the supermarkets – so you shouldn’t have any problems getting hold of it next time you happen to accidentally on purpose walk through the book aisle as you arrive in TescAsdWaitburys.  But in case you can’t wait, here’s an Amazon link and a Kindle one and a Foyles one.


* My copy was sent to me by the author – but as per usual, my reviews are honest and BotW goes to my favourite book I read the previous week and this. was. it.

** I’m currently doing the same thing with The Shepherd’s Crown, because once it’s gone there Is No More New Pratchett and I don’t want it to be over yet.