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Series Redux: Amory Ames

Montage of covers of Ashley Weaver novels

Ashley Weaver has a new book out this week in her new series, so it seems like a good time to remind people of her last series – the inter-war set Amory Ames mysteries. I wrote about them last summer – so you can see a bit more about them here, but they’re historical cozy mysteries with a romantic subplot to them. As I said in that post, the closest comparator is probably the Royal Spyness series – the romantic relationship at the centre of this gives you some similar vibes to the one in that, although Georgie’s Darcy is more mysterious behaviour open to misinterpretation than Amory’s Milo is. Amory is more worldly wise (in some ways at least) than Daisy Dalrymple, but not as genuinely open minded let alone as feisty and independent as Phryne Fisher. The first two are still in Kindle Unlimited, and they are the sort of series that used to show up at The Works so you have a fighting chance of finding them in the shops too. I still haven’t read any of Weaver’s new series, which are set in World War Two, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it at some point!

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