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Out Today: Pineapple Street

I mean I say out today – but I did find a copy of Pineapple Street in Waterstones on Saturday when I was looking for Susanna Hoffs’ novel. Anyway: NetGalley tells me it’s out today, and as Amazon was still only offering preorders on Kindle I’m going to assume that someone got a bit over excited and got it out early. This is Jenny Jackson’s debut and our first candidate of the year for a Rich People Problems book – and you know how much I love them.

Helpfully I also got sent this nice graphic which gives you some authors who have liked it – in case that’s a thing you use to help you chose books (I know I do). But this is a novel following the women of the Stockton family – the two daughters Darley and Georgiana and their brother’s wife Sasha. I started this on Tuesday and I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m hoping that continues. You may yet hear more about it…

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