Rec me: Historical Romances!

I’ve noticed that I’m in a bit of historical romance reading slump. I’m reading lots of romances – I finished a great one last night – but they’re pretty much all contemporary ones. A couple of my favourite authors have slowed their pace (or taken a hiatus) and that’s fine – but I haven’t managed to find any replacements for them yet. So please send me your suggestions. I don’t really do anything before the Tudor era (and it has to be pretty special to make me go back far) and I don’t really want highlanders. But apart from that go for it – especially if they’re more recent than regency because I have read so many of them.

To help with what I have read, here are some posts about Sarah MacLean, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, Mary Balogh and obvs you know I like Georgette Heyer. Oh and I like historical mysteries like Lady Julia Grey and Lady Emily and Veronica Speedwell so you can factor that sort of thing in too!

Thanking you!

4 thoughts on “Rec me: Historical Romances!”

  1. I’ve been enjoying Kelly Bowen quite a bit – just finished her Season For Scandal trilogy which has a very heist-y, Sarah MacLean vibe.

  2. I just read Hotel of Secrets by Diana Biller and I loved it so much! It releases March 28 I think!

    I also read Unveiled by Courtney Milan earlier this year and adored it! I can’t wait to continue with the series.

    Erica Ridley’s Wild Wynchester series is a fun time too!

    I’m behind on posting HR reviews, but here is my most recent mini review set –

    Hope you find a few you enjoy!!

    xoxo, tree

    1. Thank you! I’ve read a lot of Courtney Milan but I’m not sure I’ve read that one and I’ll look at the others too. I think I’ve read some Erica Ridley before, but not that series.

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