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Books in the Wild: Back at Foyles!

We’re into February and there have been plenty of new books since I last hung around in Foyles, so here’s a little update…

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow still getting a good spot after its (deserved) success on so many end of year lists. But it’s now got new company. I’ve seen a lot of buzz about Wayward, but not going to lie, I’m not sure I’m ready for witch hunts at the moment. But I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in the future!

On the side of the same pillar, we have the Monica Heisey, which I may already own a copy of, and three new historical novels that I hadn’t heard about!

I’m always interested in what’s in this front corner – because it’s always such a mix. I’ve got Becky (a modern Vanity Fair) but that’s about it and I hadn’t come across many of the others – except the Colleen Hoover of course!

The crime and thriller shelf has the new Janice Halley which looks really interesting and the Tom Head which I hadn’t heard of and nearly bought! Basically after months of seeing the same stuff on the bookshelves it’s all started refreshing again and it’s delightful – if potentially expensive for someone like me with poor impulse control when it comes to book buying. And I did buy three books – but from the paperback section, and I’ll show you them another day!

Happy weekend everyone!

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