Bookshelfie: The Chaos Shelves – part two

As I said in the first Chaos Shelves post, this is where it all gets a bit bonkers and disorganised. The backwards hardbacks are three of the later Pink Carnation novels – the paperbacks of some of the others are on the back shelf. There’s an Aunty Lee book – and there’s another on the shelf behind. The Residence is here – even though the other Kate Andersen Brower books are in the front room on the Hardback no-fiction shelf. There are the computer games. A couple of Claire Sandy books, a couple of Jill Shalvis ones – and a few more on the back shelf. Behind them there are some old favourite Katie Ffordes, then the Deanna Raybourn Lady Julia Grey‘s that I own in paperback and a couple of Tracy Grants. I’ve owned that Mallory Towers omnibus since I was about 10, but it won’t fit on the children’s book shelves – in fact there are some more children’s books behind as well – the Carbonel series, Mr Majeika, the Flower Fairies and one of The Beat series that all returned to me from mum and dad’s attic when we moved into this house three years ago. I don’t quite know why we still have that Sport book, except that it was given to Him Indoors and given how few of the books in this house are his I feel bad about getting rid of any of his. There’s former Recommendsday pick Standard Deviation and some old computer games. Oh and there’s another copy of Gone with the Windsors on the back shelf – that I wish I’d found a couple of weeks ago, because mum wanted to read it again and ended up buying her own copy… Basically this is a bookshelf in very great need of a good sort out, except that I don’t know where I’m going to put the stuff if they’re not here!

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