The pile

State of the Pile 2023 edition

So the key thing here is that the photo is of the pile in front of the tbr book case. Because that’s where we are at. I’ve expanded beyond the shelves. And that’s before this month’s Books Incoming pile gets added. What can I say. I have expanded beyond the space I had allotted myself. So I have a new motto – although I haven’t told Him Indoors this yet – and I am attempting to embrace it:

That said, I would like to get the pile back down to something that can be contained in the bookshelf. However, I would also like to reduce the NetGalley list and I suspect I can do one or the other, but probably not both. Hey ho. The thing is, Reading is my relaxation and my escape. And the more I try and force myself to read something the less fun it becomes. And that is the fundamental struggle I wrestle with as I continue to acquire ever more books…

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