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Goodbye 2022… hello 2023

Well here we are. We’ve made it to the start of a year. What am I hoping for in 2023? Well this time last year I said we didn’t know that 2021 could be even more exhausting that 2020, and for me personally I think 2022 has been even worse again. I had covid in the first third of the year, shingles in the last third and an awful virus that lasted basically the whole of December. Sprinkled in between all of that, at work we had the War in Ukraine, the death of Elizabeth II and another structural reorganisation. So it’s been insanely busy and insanely hard. If 2023 could be a little bit less of all of that I would really appreciate it. I think you’ll see the stresses and strains in the stats, and the reflection posts that I’ve been writing for the next few days.

I’ve carried on with the rereading – including the massive Meg Langslow binge of the last month. I think I’ve reduced the NetGalley backlog a little – or at least I haven’t added to it. I was doing well at not requesting more books, but then a whole load of really interesting looking stuff for the first half of next year got added and I got trigger happy on the request button. I’ve definitely read less non-fiction this year, apart from Actor Memoirs, but I’ve enjoyed what I read. I have done better on the physical books front than this time last year, but not as well as I wanted to.

Here’s hoping for a calmer year in 2023.

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