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May Stats

Books read this month: 33*

New books: 20

Re-reads: 13 (5 audiobooks, 8 books)

Books from the to-read pile: 5

NetGalley books read: 9

Kindle Unlimited read: 4

Ebooks: 7

Library books: 2 (all ebooks)

Audiobooks: 6

Non-fiction books: 2

Favourite book this month: hard to chose this month – because there were a bunch of 5 star books – but I’m going to go with The Young Pretenders.

Most read author: Elizabeth Peters – 5 Vicky Bliss novels on the reread and an Amelia Peabody audiobook!

Books bought: 3 books at the work book sale, 1 book ordered online, 1 pre-order, 1 ebook. Considering the number of books in the Books Incoming post a few weeks back, this surprised me. But when I checked, it was right – three from the book sale, three pre-orders that already got counted in previous months, the Young Pretenders which arrived April after the Books Incoming post (and was a Persephone subscription book anyway so not bought by me) and the Bonnie Garmus which I ordered in April but arrived in May. So that really does just leave the Jenn McKinlay Book Lovers mystery!

Books read in 2022: 166

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 660 – this number never really goes down, but it has gone up by a lot this month because there’s been a bunch of series with new books announced or where I hadn’t added the unread ones to the list, but I also updated it to add some stuff from the to read shelf that wasn’t on there and my new acquisitions…

I’ve been more than usually chatty in this post already, but it really was a good month of reading in May. I read a lot of new releases, and I think I have less books in the NetGalley backlog than I did at the start of the month, even if I didn’t read all the May releases. I’ve managed to be restrained with my requesting for June, so if I can control my virulent re-reading urges, I should be able to reduce the list further in June. Speaking of re-reading, I’ve really enjoyed revisiting the Vicky Bliss books – I think you can expect a Series I Love post soon – and I’ve carried on with the Phryne Fisher re-read too. I’m going to need to try and actually go to the library in June too – as my library card has expired, so if I don’t, the library book list is about to dry up! And I read a fair few actual books in May – but I’m still behind on my goal for that for the year, so a big effort coming in June to try and catch up. All I need to do is get the hammock out and into the garden ready for summer reading now…

Bonus picture: a month in Wisteria. How could I resist doing a mash up when I’ve enjoyed watching it happen so much on my walks from Euston to the office!

*Usually includes some short stories/novellas/comics/graphic novels, but for the second month in a row it doesn’t!

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