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Recommendations wanted: Audiobooks

Him Indoors and I like to listen to audiobooks together and I’m after some recommendations please. In the past it was mostly non fiction – we’ve done Simon Schama, Greg Jenner, the Time Travellers Guide series and Mary Beard – with a side of Norse Mythology, Sherlock Holmes, PG Wodehouse and Raffles. Early in the pandemic we started Amelia Peabody – but we’re nearing the end of our third go through them and I think we might need something different next. Please give me your recommendations – you already know what I like but his reading is mostly non fiction or adventure-y mystery things. He’s done about half the Steph Plum series on various holidays but I’ve struggled to find another series that he likes as much as the Amelia audiobooks – I’ve tried Phryne Fisher, various classic mystery series, the Parasol Protectorate and Rivers of London. It also needs to be not to violent – because we all know I can’t cope with that, especially if there’s a chance I might fall asleep listening. The audiobook of the Simon Sebag Montfiore’s Romanovs gave me nightmares when I tried that at the hostel in the pre-pandemic times! Help me please – suggestions in the comments.

(The picture is a screenshot of part of my audible history with some stuff we tried and liked (and didn’t like) back in the pre-Amelia era!)

2 thoughts on “Recommendations wanted: Audiobooks”

  1. If the long series like Amelia Peabody works for you both what about Meg Langslow, Daisy Dalrymple, or The Cat Who series? (I can’t speak for the audio books, which I don’t listen to, but the underlying series are ‘re-read regularly’ level favourites – especially the former two.)

    1. I’ve read all the Megs and Daisys – and tried Daisy on Audiobook, but not Meg. I’ll have to take a look at that and The Cat Who which i’ve never read. Thank you!

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