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April Stats

Books read this month: 30*

New books: 14

Re-reads: 16 (9 audiobooks, 7 books)

Books from the to-read pile: 6

NetGalley books read: 4

Kindle Unlimited read: 1

Ebooks: 5

Library books: 5 (all ebooks)

Audiobooks: 9

Non-fiction books: 3

Favourite book this month: Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaronovitch

Most read author: Ngaio Marsh – six audiobooks

Books bought: about ten, fairly evenly split between preorders and already out.

Books read in 2022: 133

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 633

Another binge-y month to be honest. Whether it was the Roderick Alleyn audiobooks or the continuing Sookie Stackhouse reread or the Phryne Fisher binge, the rereads outnumbered the new books and I’m actually ok about that! We’ll see what happens in May…

Bonus picture: I pass this house on my walk to the office and last week it was in bloom and looking lovely. My dad would tell me that the wisteria is probably undermining the foundations, but it looks so pretty. The rubbish on the street, less so obviously.

*Usually includes some short stories/novellas/comics/graphic novels, but for once it doesn’t this month!

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