The pile

How’s your will power?

Serious question, because when it comes to books my will power is not great. I can recognise that I have a lot of books and probably don’t need any more at the moment, but there are always shiny new releases out there to tempt me and I can’t always resist. I have systems to try and help, but…

Firstly there’s good reads – which I use to keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read, but also to search and check whether I’ve read an author before and what I thought. I read a lot of books and as romances go in tropes it’s easy to forget what I’ve read and by who – which is aiming to try and stop myself getting sucked in by a seductive cover or blurb. Because that absolutely used to happen – especially if you’re borrowing books from the library and taking them back or don’t have the book on the shelf any more (fairly common for me if I didn’t like something that much).

Then I have a maximum price that I’m prepared to pay for different types of books that’s meant to stop my just buying books that take my fancy. Then I have a series of lists to keep track of books: so that I can keep track of the prices when they drop – especially because Amazon’s preorder price guarantee doesn’t apply to kindle books and I do try and preorder where I can. Then there’s one for books that might go into Kindle Unlimited at some point and then there’s another for possible present ideas for me when Christmas or my birthday come around – which tends to have the nonfiction hardbacks on it.

Does it help? Well I like to thinks so – but I’m not prepared to stop doing it to see if things get worse!

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