Book of the Week

Book of the Week… or not

So remember that bit where I said yesterday that I had been out and about and not reading? Well the trouble with that is that it’s left me in a bit of a bind here. Because I didn’t finish that much last week. And one of the ones I did finish was another Fethering book – and I wrote about that last week. And I don’t think I have enough to say about any of the rest of the books I read. Which is a bit tricky. I have finished the new Richard Osman now – but it’s Tuesday and that’s a bit cheaty even for me and you never know, at this rate I might yet need it for next week! So instead, here’s an apology and picture of the British Crime Classics section in the British Library shop.

And as I know you’d rather I was honest and not write about something if I couldn’t work up a bit of enthusiasm for it (or at least I hope that’s what you’d rather!) have a picture from the theatre, the last performance of The Last Five Years on Sunday. It was wonderful. Sorry, not sorry.

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