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August Stats

Books read this month: 30*

New books: 26

Re-reads: 4 (3 audiobooks)

Books from the to-read pile: 2

NetGalley books read: 3

Kindle Unlimited read: 18 (!)

Ebooks: 24

Library books: 2 (all ebooks)

Audiobooks: 3

Non-fiction books: 8

Favourite book this month: If we’re not including Gaudy Night which I read once and listened to on audio twice in August, then it’s Battle Royal

Most read author: George Bellairs -an astonishing 7 Inspector Littlejohn books, because when I make something I can colour in I really commit.

Books bought: 5, of which 3 were preorders

Books read in 2021: 265

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 608

So basically this was the month of murder mysteries, and also one where I want a massive binge of one series. Oh and the (latest) Amelia Peabody re-read is still going, even as I’m still trying to hunt down the Barbara Rosenblatt versions of the final few books in audio, which seem to be impossible to come by in the UK. Very frustrating.

Bonus photo is the updated Littlejohn list after this month’s binge!

*Includes some short stories/novellas/comics/graphic novels (7 this month – six Mindy Kaling essays and the Gordon Corera Kindle single)

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