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January Stats

New books read this month: 39*

Books from the to-read pile: 6

Ebooks read: 15

NetGalley books read: 11

Library books: 7 (all ebooks)

Non-fiction books: 1

Most read author: Simon Brett.  NINE Charles Paris mysteries…

Books read in 2019:  39

Books bought: 3 – two books and one ebook!!!!!!

Books on the Goodreads to-read shelf: 579 (I don’t have copies of all of these!)

Another year, another tweak to the monthly stats post.  This year I’m not doing any reading challenges – after last year I got swamped.  My main reading focus at the moment is getting down the NetGalley backlog and the actual number of physical books waiting to be read so I’ve tweaked the categories appropriately.

The Physical book count is low this month – on account of that holiday and because of the shock I got when I compiled the NetGalley backlog list!

*Includes some short stories/novellas/comics (4 this month)

Bonus picture: a film crew at work with some very powerful lights on my walk from work to the station last Friday. This is the same house used in Phantom Thread. No idea what they’re up to this time though!

Film crew with powerful lights outside a Georgian town house in Bloomsbury

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