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The Week In Books: July 3 – July 9

Started the week going great guns, and then slowed to a halt – partly because of a family party on Saturday.  On the bright side I got to dress up as an extra from the Bronze and live out some Buffy-ish moments!


Lowcountry Boil by Susan M Boyer

Trans Like Me by CN Lester

Dimsie, Head Girl by Dorita Fairlie Bruce

Murder in D Minor by Alexia Gordon

Lumberjanes Vol 5: Band Together by Noelle Stevenson et al


Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Jeeves in the Offing by P G Wodehouse

Still reading:

Kick by Paula Byrne

Reel History: The World According to the Movies by Alex von Tunzelmann

The Greedy Queen by Annie Gray

The Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room by Paul Charles

I bought rather a few books again.  Ooops.  But some came from the Barnes Booksale  – and were total bargains – and three ebooks as well.  Naughty Verity. Must do better!

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