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Book of the Week: The Best of Dear Coquette

This may well be a slightly shorter than usual BotW post – the dodgy elbow is making typing hurt and I’m not sure I’m at my finest.  But I’m going to give it a go because this was hands down my favourite book that I finished last week and it deserves a big old mention here.

This a collection of the best bits of advice from the Dear Coquette blog which I happened upon felicitously at a time when I needed a pep talk and cheering up.  It did a marvelous job of both – and there is now a waiting list to borrow my copy.   I got told off by The Boy for reading too much of it out loud to him because “there’ll be nothing left for me to read myself”.  A few selected quotes also went down a storm on Litsy and on Twitter.

Most of the advice in here is about relationships in their various forms – the book is split into sections – on things like love, family and dating.  The Coquette is smart, witty, brutally honest and very, very frank.  It’s like the advice you wish your friends would give you, but would be too afraid to hand out yourself in return.  I don’t always agree with the Coquette’s world view, but it’s always well argued and thought provoking.

I’m not sure I’ll be lending my copy to my mum (not that she’s asked for it yet) but I can see myself giving this as a Christmas book to a few people who I think might appreciate The Coquette’s view of the world.  My copy was a proof copy (which the Coquette said she was mortified it still existed on Twitter!), but you can get a shiny proper hardback copy now – get it from Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles or on Kindle or Kobo.  The paperback is out in April.



3 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The Best of Dear Coquette”

  1. Now I wonder why you are not thinking of lending it to your Mum? And why does that make me very eager to read it……? The cover certainly looks intriguing..

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