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December Stats

On Good Reads to-reads shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 425

New books read this month: 36*

Books from the Library Book pile: 1

Books from the to-read pile: 13

Ebooks read: 21

Most read author: I’m giving it to Lauren Willig – because I’ve read 2 of her novels and half of a third – as opposed to Debbie Macomber’s 2 books or Julia Williams’s one book and 3 (very) short stories.

Books read this year: 368

Books bought: 15 – all ebooks except 1

Loads of reading done this month – thank you week of tonsillitis – and I managed to resist the urge to buy books until the post-Christmas ebook sales kicked in.  As far as the New Year’s Resolutions a library books and a non-fiction started – but not finished.

And thus the year comes to an end.  I’ll be doing a more considered look at my reading stats over the last year in a few days – in the meantime, check out my post on my 2015 Obsessions!

*Includes some short stories/novellas (10 this month)

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