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November Stats

On Good Reads to-reads shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 421

New books read this month: 22*

Books from the Library Book pile: 0

Books from the to-read pile: 13

Ebooks read: 5

Most read author: Janet Evanovich and Cathy Bramley level on 2 all

Books read this year: 332

Books bought: 6 books (which have arrived, and orders in with a few more dealers), 3 ebooks

Backsliding on everything – as you might expect if you’ve been reading the last few weeks.  Too many books bought, lots of re-reading rather than new reading and as far as the New Year’s Resolutions no library books, although I did read a nonfiction book.

*Includes some short stories/novellas (1 this month)

1 thought on “November Stats”

  1. You’ve read 332 books this year?? That’s extraordinary! You might still get your library books in if your county libraries offer an audiobook service like mine does. Look it up. Great way to listen to free audiobooks!

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