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November Stats

On Good Reads to-reads shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 432

New books* read in November: 34

Books from the Library Book pile: 2

Books from the to-read pile: 6

E-books: 21

Books read as soon as they arrived: 3

Most read author: Gail Carriger – 3 Parasol Protectorate and 1 Finishing School

Books* read this year: 257

Books bought:  14

Books acquired: 3

Ebooks acquired: 10

Now although stats would suggest that the to-read pile has grown this month, it  has actually diminished a lot – despite my purchases – because I’ve had a massive clear out (what my mother would call a rationalisation) of books – including the pile – I’ve been through and weeded out stuff that’s been loitering for ages that deep down I knew I’d never get around to – and a few books that I’ve been given that I know will linger.  So my local charity shop was the lucky recipient of three bags of books – mostly stuff that I’d read once and knew I wouldn’t read again, but with a fair few books from the pile too.  I also weeded out of the pile books that my mother had lent me that I hadn’t got around to reading and handed them back.  I can always borrow them again when the pile is under control.


* Total includes some short stories/novellas (8 this month)

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