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Book review: Every Woman for Herself

Now I’ll start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of Trisha Ashley.  I was going to do an “Authors I Love” post on her this week – but I thought that her latest novel deserved a post all of it’s very own.  But expect to see more about my love of all books Trisha in the near future.

Every Woman for Herself
This really doesn’t do justice to the glittery cover of the latest addition to my Trisha Ashley collection….

Every Woman for Herself is actually one of her older novels – which has been out of print for some years and which I hadn’t been able to track down via a library (or find for a reasonable price secondhand) – I think the only other one of her books that I haven’t read now is Lord Rayven’s Revenge.  In her newsletter (yes I’m that sort of fan) she says it’s one of her favourite literary babies and I can see why.  Sometimes when you read an early book from a favourite author it can be a disappointment – because the style that you love hasn’t developed yet, but the familiar Trisha Ashley voice is well in evidence here.  Charlie’s is as engaging, fun and quirky as her later heroines – and her inner monologue is possibly even funnier.

At the start of the book Charlie’s husband announces he wants a divorce and the book tells the story of her return to her childhood home to refresh and regroup following that bombshell and what I shall call An Unfortunate Incident.  Her extended family is full of the eccentric characters that Trisha Ashley writes so well and they all come vividly to life as you read.

There are some other familiar ingredients are present and correct in Every Woman for Herself – a bit of magic-cum-witchcraft, a handsome and brooding romantic lead, a setting that’s almost a character in itself and of course a heroine who doesn’t realise what’s under her nose until after you do – but never in an annoying or obvious way.  And after reading Every Woman… I’ve finally found out the origin of Skint Old Northern Woman magazine which has cropped up in every (I think) book since as well as being the name of Trisha’s own newsletter.

I loved this book – I started reading it yesterday evening (the day it came out) and then couldn’t put it down on either on the train to work – or the way home and finished it about 10 minutes before I pulled into my station.  The only downside is that now it’s over too soon (I have no self-control in these matters – I haven’t managed to ration a book I’m enjoying yet) and now I have a long wait for her next book.  But I’m sure I’ll be re-reading this one before then.

I was thrilled to see that Avon were giving this a good old plug on their twitter account in the run up to publication – so I hope this does really well and sells lots and lots of copies.

Every Woman for Herself is available all over the place including the supermarkets and  Foyles (who I link to even though they’re not the cheapest for this type of book because I love the name of their loyalty scheme – Foyalty) and on Kindle.  I’ve managed to buy two copies (don’t tell The Boy – one is going back…) that’s how much I like Trisha Ashley books – and of course a demonstration of the fact I don’t keep track of what I’ve pre-ordered….

Find Trisha Ashley’s website here or her Facebook here and she tweets as @trishaashley

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