To-read pile Malingerers…

I think everyone has at least one of these – the book you bought because it looked interesting, but you’ve never got around to reading, because there’s always something else more interesting.  I’m not going to name the books on my shelf, but as you’d probably expect on a to-read pile the size of mine there’s probably a dozen really long term residents lingering around – and they were the reason for my re-organisation of the pile the other day.

For me, they tend to fall into a couple of categories – books about history, classics that I ought to have read, and really thick books.  Several of the long-standing books fall into two of those classes.  There are also a couple of books on there that I’ve borrowed from my mum and haven’t got around to reading, and now it’s been so long that I can’t give them back to her without having read them…

The re-organisation of the pile has seen me group the books into genres and put them together – I’ve half developed an idea that I ought to have one book from each section of the pile (two shelves, two piles – so four) on the go at a time to try and make the (hoped for) reduction in the pile more even, and help me resist the urge to stock up on one genre if I go through a phase of reading one type of book avidly. I know it’ll never happen though!

So what can I do about them?

Well that Lent book-buying ban was my first attempt to try and reduce the stockpile, although as it was running at the same time as an attempt to read the library book backlog, it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped – although the April numbers still show a (slight) net decrease.  I read 22 books in March – but at the start of the month the library book campaign was already going – and 10 of the March books were from the library bag (that’s quite impressive) and another five were from the kindle backlog (so kind of reducing the to-read pile) but on the bright side, only one was a book that I had just bought. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy others and add to the pile – although my Goodreads to-read list only shows 1 new addition that I know I actually own in March, I may have bought books that were already on the list, or that I’ve not added yet.

So this next attempt is going to be a concerted effort to restrict my buying, but also to go down the shelf rather than the library book bag.  But as I refilled the library book bag on Thursday, this may not work…

Wish me luck – and if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments or on twitter @WildeV

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