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Easter Bonus review: Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

I know, I know, it’s Easter, and I’m reviewing a book with Summer in the title!  But Easter is often the start of the holiday season – and this is my first really beach-y read of the year.

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery is the sequel to last year’s Little Beach Street Bakery (which was one of my Summer Reading suggestions last June).  As per, I’m reluctant to say too much about the plot – in case you haven’t read the first book – but we rejoin Polly and all the crew in Mount Polbearne, where there is a whole new set of challenges for them all to face.

When I read a book and love it, I almost always want more – I want to see how they get on after the happily ever after so to speak.  So I love a sequel – but I do get frustrated when their plot is basically breaking up the beloved couple and getting them back together again.  I’m a big fan of Jenny Colgan, and what I really like is that her sequels don’t do that to you.  There’s plenty of plot and lots of drama, but her couples are usually working their way through things together – as a unit.  Much more fun.

The supporting characters in this are also great – Polly’s friends are a hoot and there are a few new characters in this who work really well as well.  It made me laugh and it had me in tears, on a train OVER A PUFFIN for crying out loud* – so it must  be good.

My copy of Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery came from NetGalley – but I’ll be buying my own paperback – because I need it for my shelf of Jenny Colgan books.  And I need to lend it to my sister.  If you’re not on a book buying ban** you can get your copy from Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones (who are doing an extra 10% off for Easter) or on Kindle and if you’re going to an actual shop, I would expect it to be in all the supermarkets and WH Smiths at stations and airports too.

Have a Happy Easter – I find the best accompaniment to an Easter Egg is a good book!

*And had me googling “sponsor a puffin” when I got home.

** The Boy wasn’t happy when some more paperbacks turned up in the post the other day, so I’m not buying any more paperbacks until he’s got over it!

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March Stats

On Good Reads to-reads shelf (I don’t have copies of all of these!): 441

New books read this month: 32

Books from the Library Book pile: 1

Books from the to-read pile: 11

Ebooks read: 20

Most read author: tricky – I’m giving it to Charlaine Harris – because I read two complete books from here, and was more than half way through a third when we hit midnight last night (I also read 2 by Gail Carriger, R J Palacio and Jane Thynne)

Books read this year: 83

Books bought: 11 actual books and 3 ebooks

New Year’s Resolutions kept: 1 library book read, 1 non fiction (two if you count the Josh Sundquist) but I did buy the same number of actual books as I read, so the physical pile isn’t any shorter, and my NetGalley habit means the electronic one didn’t shrink as much as you’d hope either.  Maybe I should have given up buying books for Lent rather than chocolate, sweets, crisps, cake and biscuits.  Although knowing me that would just have resulted in a pre-ordering splurge on Shrove Tuesday and then a catch-up one on Easter Sunday!