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Books Incoming: mid-February edition

Well I suppose it’s a smaller selection than the last one, so I should try and be pleased with that. But if you think that these AND everything in the birthday post are all January acquisitions, then you’ll see why I find that not a lot to cheer about. Anyway, to the actual books. The Elizabeth Taylor is Kate Andersen Brower’s new book and given my interest in classic Hollywood and how much I enjoyed her books about the White House and it’s occupants, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that I bought it for myself for my birthday. I also bought myself (or rather preordered myself) the signed Really Good, Actually which I just kept hearing about all over the place. As I mentioned in the post about the Christy Kennedy series, there are a few I haven’t read – and I’ve bought a couple of them after writing the post!

Then there’s the last two Emilie Richards Ministry is Murder books which I’ve been eying for a long time and bought in a week moment and The Foyles Three (as alluded to last weekend) – two romances because they had an offer on and how could I resist and the very, very discounted cosy crime which is from a series that I read several of via NetGalley years ago and haven’t seen around for ages. All in all not a bad haul and if only it wasn’t for the state of the to read bookshelf I would be quite happy. As it is the overspill pile is getting out of control so now I will have to redouble my efforts now I have finished the Meg Langslow reread!

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