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Books Incoming: May edition

Another bumper crop – because not only did a bunch of preorders arrive since last month’s post, but there that charity book sale at work the other week and we know that I can’t resist a book sale. So the Hannah Rothschild, Intoxicating Mr Lavelle and Small Miracles (dead centre) are from the booksale. Mean Bab and Attack and Decay were pre-orders of new releases and the Nancy Spain was a preorder of the new edition. Top right is Bonnie Garmus’s Lessons In Chemistry which I just keep hearing about and The Young Pretenders is the lastest of my Persephone a month subscriptions (which already bought me Miss Buncle Three and A House in the Country). The Jenn McKinlay? Well that was a total impulse purchase after I was doing some rearranging on the back bookcase and realised that I was way behind with the series…

And finally we have my copy of Chalet School and the Island – the last but one to complete my set of paperback reprints – a collection more than a decade in the making! Will the last one come this year? I can only hope!

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